What is The Radical Age Movement?

Multi-ethnic multi-generation group of people from young children to 95 years old.

People are living longer, and yet we as a society don’t know how to make the best use of these extra years.  And, because of our fears and negative stereotypes about ageing, we’re not just ignoring the potential value–we’re often making things worse.

We need new social visions that will inspire and support people to grow and participate actively throughout their entire lives.  No age-segregation or pitting generation against generation–we want a society that works for us all.  We can’t leave it to ‘experts’ to tell us how to age ‘well’ or ‘successfully’ or to an ageing industrial complex that sees older adults as a dependent group or growing market of consumers.

It’s up to us.  It’s time for a Radical Age Movement, a grassroots nationwide effort that challenges traditional notions of ageing and introduces new ideas for building co-creative and interdependent communities.

Working together, we can:

  • Challenge ageism – in ourselves, social practices, policies, and institutions;
  • Create new language and models that embrace the full life journey;
  • Create new paradigms in society so that adults can participate fully consistent with their capabilities and ambitions at all stages of life;
  • Celebrate the contributions of older adults toward innovating, changing and repairing the world;
  • Create a more compassionate and interdependent society that supports the well-being of people of all ages;
  • Inspire and help develop cross-generational communities where people of all ages enjoy the gifts and capacities they have to offer;
  • Bring dying and death out of the closet.

Through conversation, consciousness raising, mainstream and social media, presentations, and social action, The Radical Age Movement seeks to build a movement dedicated to confronting ageism in all its forms whether it be discrimination in the work place or marginalization of older or younger people in decision making and purposeful participation in all aspects of civic and community life.

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