Work Group Meeting – 3/2/16

The Radical Age Movement has been growing in interest and activity over the last year.  People have asked about creating RA chapters in Albany, Philadelphia and even New Zealand!  Our Facebook web page gets more and more traffic, and we hope to build a solid social action campaign over the next couple of months. We also have received multiple requests across NYC on how to hold a consciousness raising group.

We can and will grow—but only with the help of people like you.  By committing to two or three hours a week, you could make a vital difference in the growth of our movement. You know your areas of expertise and interest.

To turn your commitment into RA action, we led a work group meeting at 11 am on Wed, Mar. 2, 2016 at Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, ‪360 Lexington Avenue (bet. 40th & 41st St.), 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10017‬‬.

We are holding this meeting mid-day as so many of us are already booked in the evenings. We will provide a conference call-in number if you are busy working elsewhere but can take an hour to hear from our committee leaders on what we plan on doing over the next few months. We also want to hear from you and your ideas on how we can build our group and our movement!

Please take a minute and make a commitment to become an active member of a work group in Radical Aging.  Thank you!

The Radical Age Movement Steering Committee

One comment

  1. If this were the Sixties, I would say you need a list of concrete demands regarding seniors that must be met by the rest of society. Since this is not the Sixties, perhaps it should be called a List of Goals.

    I do not specifically find this in your on-line material, and it will probably take some time to formulate such a list. Here is a first attempt at such a list, subject to further discussion and development. I have so far listed only two such goals, but thoughtful consideration may well lead to the identificatiom of others. (besides, it’s 4 in the morning here…)

    1. Comments, attitudes, and policies contrary to the welfare and well-being of older people in all the public media shall be exposed and wherever possible countered and condemned. In extreme cases the RAM shall request a retraction from those responsible.

    2. Wherever older people are ignored or subjected to abuse or denied proper medical or remedial services, the RAM shall request a full investigation from those responsible and insist that such behavior be rectified.

    You may soon find yourselves in the maelstrom of public attention, since your cause is likely to attract interest. I hope you are prepared to appear on public television, and I also hope you have paid attention to funding, as many demands may soon be placed on you. The AARP has become little more than an insurance company, and you might end up as its rival. Good Luck!

    I can’t make it to your 11 AM meeting, but please send any information to to my email address:
    or phone me at 212 777-7609

    I will in any case be meeting Steve Burghardt at Cooper Square later today.

    very best!

    alex gross


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